The path of least resistance has led digital health in the wrong direction
Everyone agrees: behavior change is really hard. And yet the market is cluttered with hardware, software and services promising ease and permanence.
The problem is profound
Age, stage, education, disease-state, access to care—the conditions of our poor choices differ, but we all make them far too often.
Sensor data only scratches the surface
Exploring what lies beneath our behavior stats—stress, mood, relationships, environment—accelerates the self-awareness that breeds confidence and control.
Behavior modification is daunting
Clever app features and cool gadgets cannot stand in for effective methodologies and robust technology to support individuals and care teams.
Built upon R65's proprietary engagement platform, Prologue is a comprehensive digital solution for assessing readiness and supporting lifestyle behavior modification through education, self-reflection, and contextual, data-driven coaching.
About R65 Labs
Fueled by a passion for designing and building great product experiences that support foundational wellbeing and patient engagement, R65's Durham, NC-based team is led by Mark Williams – neuroscientist, medical educator, and recipient of the Apple Award for Innovation in Science.

Nearly half of the R65 team worked together previously at Modality, an early mobile app startup founded by Williams in 2006. Invited by Steve Jobs to present at Apple's App Store Launch Event in 2008, Modality went on to create and market more than 150 health and education apps. Following Modality's 2010 acquisition by Epocrates (now a part of athenahealth), members led User Experience, Engineering and Marketing teams before regrouping in 2014 to tackle new challenges at the intersection of health, technology and learning.